Ask yourself: What can happen in 60 seconds? You can listen to half a song. You can walk one way to the coffee machine to fill up another cup. You can reply to a text message. Looking at it this way, there really isn’t that much that can happen in 60 seconds, right?

But on the Internet, 60 seconds is all the action sequences of all big budgeted Hollywood summer blockbusters ever made combined in terms of activity. According to a popular info graphic, there are an estimated two million Google queries, 1.8 million Facebook Likes, 278,000 Tweets, and 72 hours of video uploaded to YouTube in a span of just 60 seconds. And these numbers continue to grow in leaps and bounds every day.

Now, if you have 60 seconds to spare, think about how much of those clicks, tweets, likes, and searches are about your online business.

Increase Facebook Likes – Real Fans Generator

Real Fans Generator understands how crucial those 60 seconds are in todays ever changing marketing landscape since the Internet came into play. No more is marketing a playground only for big businesses that can afford to purchase large ad spaces on the newspaper to promote their latest product, nor is it now only for even bigger businesses that can buy out air time on radio and television to announce that they’ve changed the color of their product packaging from Crazy Pink to Not-So-Crazy Pink.

Because these days, it isn’t about who has the biggest ad, but who has the more effective 140-characters tweet. Real Fans Generator underscores the importance of social media in building relationships with your audience to further expand your brand. We understand that an engaged fan base translates into success for a business in terms of having your very own brand evangelists online as well as offline (spreading the word about your brand, product, or service) free of charge.

And with your brand evangelists spreading your brand’s reach over the Internet, the possibility of connecting with prospective clients and business associates have become, in a sense as nig as the World Wide Web itself – limitless. These relationships that you nurture with your audience, of course, naturally translate into loyalty, which in turn shows up in your sales.

Facebook Fans and Likes

Be real in the virtual world. Although this may sound like a contradictory statement, this is exactly the mindset you should have when trying to come up or implemental social media plan. Because it’s so much harder to establish strong emotional connections with your audience with just a few generic Tweets (or Re-tweets for that matter) or Status Updates about the weather (or the more banal ‘good morning’ or ‘Have a Nice Day!’) especially if they don’t have any real world interaction with you.

Personal branding depends so much on how authentic you are. You can post all you want all day every day, spam your Facebook wall with good morning greetings, and +1 every post on Google+, but without authenticity, all you’ll ever achieve is annoy your followers. Your posts have to be relatable to your audience. If you’re blog is about cooking, don’t just post the finish product, post about the mistakes you made as well. Or if you’re a fashion blog, don’t just post about designer items that only a few people can afford, post about DIY projects that your readers can do on their own.

Another important element is to have engaged followers that talk about you. This is what Real Fans Generator brings to the table. Engaged conversations on your Facebook page, Google+ profile, and Twitter space helps create an environment where people who are just getting to know what your brand is about would want to participate passionately in the conversation as well.

Harping back on what happens on the Internet in as short a time as 60 seconds, you should always think of how to stay visible in this fast-paced environment and keep it that way. The more visible you are on the web, the more it increases people’s awareness of your brand. But being visible simply isn’t about being all over the web, it’s about strategically being all over the web.

Much like Internet memes, we want your brand to be viral. Posted on every social network that’s available online with much gusto, until everyone at some point in their browsing lifetime has clicked, watched, and passed on information about your brand. But Real Fans Generator also understands that scope isn’t the only metric that matter, or put another way, won’t matter if you’re not placing stock on your niche market.

Brands should always value their niche market because you already have these people’s attentions; all you have to do is keep it. Constantly being a part of the communications in your niche market helps you build stronger ties to your audience by imparting a sense of familiarity towards them. One way that Real Fans Generator does is to generate buzz in the community with conversations, personal experiences, reviews, suggestions, and sometimes even just namedropping your brand in a comment in a message board.

One of the most common roadblocks that face brands or startups these days is their lack of social media knowledge. Most beginners are gung ho, posting everything, everywhere, every time but quickly fizzle in their social marketing efforts when their expectations don’t match the reality of their situation, while social media pros get caught up too much in the metrics game and forget the importance of nurturing their relationship with their audience.

Real Fans Generator helps you expand your reach and influence on the web by guiding you on the values of having and keeping a good relationship with your fan base. We work at your own pace, so even if you’re just now figuring out how to use Twitter, we’ll help you every step of the way. Most importantly, we put emphasis on how we value realness in a virtual world, which is why we only employ legitimate methods and techniques on helping our social media presence grow.